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Connected Vehicle (V2X) of Tomorrow


Deliverable D1.1 - UseCases, Requirements, Performance Evaluation Criteria

The objective of this document is to describe V2X use cases, requirements and performance evaluation criteria. The use case definitions include a short description of the stakeholders/roles and what is accomplished by the use case. Traffic scenarios that should be targeted with the use cases are defined

such as the deployment environment, and vehicle characteristics (density, speed, lanes). Based on the selected use cases and traffic scenarios, the set of requirements will be defined that are to be used and satisfied by the implementation technology. This includes requirements on:

  • Communication links / protocols
  • Intra-car-connectivity (sensors / actors),
  • Applications (messaging, processing, HMI)
  • General features to be supported by the selected use cases

Additionally, this document describes the test measurements and logs that are to be collected along with the collection methodology. The evaluation criteria applied to the results of the use case trials and the data collected during drive tests will be defined. Qualitative evaluation criteria will be used to determine whether requirements and targeted features of the selected use cases have been satisfied. Quantitative evaluation criteria will be used to determine selected performance metrics such as effective range of safety messages or effective latency of warning signals etc..